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Crowdfunding Campaign Indefinitely
Delayed To Due Heatlh Problems

For us to launch our Indiegogo campaign on the date we previously announced
would be a disservice to those we are most determined to serve.

Mike Crawford,
Consulting Software Engineer
Portland Custom Software Development


I've got quite a serious Neurological problem that started in 2010, at first very rarely but just this last year with increasing frequency and severity.

Until just three weeks ago this problem was a complete mystery to my doctors. However I am very fortunate to have been referred to Neurogist Anne Hamburg MD of Vancouver, Washington. She speculates that I've got Vitamin B12 Deficiency, however my first test was inconclusive.

But there are some other tests; a week from today I will have an Electroencephalogram.

As I write this I'm in really bad shape. While I was quite reluctant to delay my plans, my symptoms come and go unpredictably. I'm in no shape to be anyone's manager.

I will write more as I'm able to, but I will say it is my most-desperate hope that I really do have B12 Anemia; while there is no cure, there is a very simple and completely effective treatment: Vitamin B12 Injections, at first daily, then weekly then once per month for the rest of my life.

I regard Dr. Hamburg's suggestion as quite likely as one of my Great-Grandfathers died of a form of B12 Anemia called Pernicious Anemia. That sounds really terrible, and it would be without that treatment.

There is a definitive diagnostic test but it's generally left for last as it is painful and expensive: a bone-marrow biopsy.

While I do not yet know how long it will be until Dr. Hamburg's diagnosis is complete, I expect it will be at least a few months. I do still plan to keep working on The Global Employer Index as I await her conclusions, but for me to pursue our crowdfunding campaign before Dr. Hamburg knows how to treat me would be folly, and would not serve anyone's interest.

-- Mike

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